Alec Baldwin accepts frustration

Alec Baldwin wishes he got the scripts Tom Hanks and Daniel Day-Lewis do.

Alec Baldwin has accepted that "frustration" is a part of his job.

The actor isn't afraid to speak candidly about the nature of Hollywood and starred in documentary Seduced and Abandoned, which is directed by James Toback and explores the nature of films and finance.

He might sound disenchanted when it comes to the industry, but the 56-year-old merely claims to see it all realistically.

"Let's put it this way: I've just realised that my family and private life are much more important than acting. And I know from years of experience that frustration is a large part of the job," he explained to

"Of course that's not the case if you're among the handful of actors who have everything. Tom Hanks and Daniel Day-Lewis can pick from the best scripts, work with the biggest directors and even get paid handsomely for it. But that's not the case for me and pretty much all of my colleagues."

As well as appearing on the big screen, Alec worked on popular comedy show 30 Rock. Although it might seem he's lucked out, the star insists he's not got it easy.

"Just like anyone, I have to make money and decide how important my artistic ambitions are to me," he explained.

"That's why 30 Rock was such a great opportunity. I just had to get from Manhattan to Queens every morning and crack a few witty jokes.

"I then went home and spent every night with my wife, and even had time from 6pm onwards to head to dinner with James Toback and plan Seduced and Abandoned.

"I made so much money that I couldn't just live well, but now also have the luxury to be at peace about what the future brings. Without making lazy compromises."

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