We Summon the Darkness

These girls are not to be messed with
Verdict: 6/10 - This fun and amusing horror is led by a game-changing performance from Alexandra Daddario.
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Monday, April 20, 2020
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Alexandra Daddario brings three boys back to her home for an afterparty that they'll forget in this amusing horror.


Alexandra Daddario is perhaps best known for playing friendly, down-to-earth characters onscreen.

But in We Summon the Darkness, she gets to turn that image upside down and show audiences a completely different side of her.

The horror-thriller is set in Indiana in July 1988 after there has been a spate of satanic ritualistic killings occurring throughout the country, causing a panic, with televangelist and pastor John Henry Butler (Johnny Knoxville) calling rock and heavy metal music the work of the devil.

The action picks up with Alexis (Daddario), Valerie (Maddie Hasson), and Beverly (Amy Forsyth), who are on a road trip to a heavy metal concert.

They make friends with Ivan (Austin Swift), Mark (Keean Johnson), and Kovacs (Logan Miller) and invite them back to one of their country homes for an afterparty - a party which none of them will ever forget.


There is a big twist very early on in We Summon the Darkness that makes you soon realise it's not as simple or basic as you might have expected.

The plot immediately became more gripping and interesting once it moved into unexpected territory and we start to really learn about the characters and their motivations.

However, while the big reveal is cool, the film loses its edge and becomes quite flimsy, cheesy, and amusing rather than scary.

The script also gets weaker and isn't as clever as it thinks it is - the characters are one-note and don't get any depth and there is no substantial, satisfactory explanation for the events that take place.

It was fun to see Daddario playing against type, even if she did overdo her performance in the latter half, while Hasson had a great attitude and is very watchable. Both were the standout performers of the piece and had a great '80s metal look.

We Summon the Darkness might disappoint horror fans as it isn't particularly scary, although it's quite bloody. Yet, at a slick 90 minutes, it is an easy, entertaining watch.

We Summon the Darkness is available to buy and rent on digital platforms now and will be released on DVD from 11 May.

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