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6/10 - Creation Stories is unique, fresh, and fun Alan McGee biopic with a winning lead performance from Ewen Bremner
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Saturday, March 20, 2021
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Ewen Bremner portrayed Creation Records founder Alan McGee in the light, cheeky biopic.


Alan McGee - who put bands like Oasis, the Jesus and Mary Chain, and Primal Scream on the map - has been given the movie biopic treatment.

The film starts with teenage Alan (Leo Flanagan) growing up in '70s Glasgow, forming a band in his room with his school friend Bobby Gillespie (Ciaran Lawless) - later of Primal Scream - and follows the inception and rise of his independent record label Creation Records.

This is framed around an older McGee (Ewen Bremner) giving in an interview with American journalist Gemma (Suki Waterhouse) in Los Angeles and London.

Creation Stories, directed by Nick Moran, opens with the disclaimer "most of this happened" and that some of the names have been changed "to protect the guilty", which immediately gives you a good idea of the irreverent and cheeky tone the movie will have.

If you've come to the biopic expecting a deep, serious, and detailed look into McGee's life, you will be disappointed because it is fun, light, and amusing, with the movie zipping by at a speedy clip, offering up a highlights reel of McGee's life while addressing but not dwelling too much on the lowlights such as his relationship with his father and his stint in rehab.


There are a bunch of standout scenes that make Creation Stories very entertaining, such as Alan being escorted away by police for kicking off at My Blood Valentine for taking so long to make their album, and his first encounter with Oasis in King Tut's in Glasgow in the early '90s.

Thankfully, the actors who portray the famous musicians don't get much screen time, as that could have been quite distracting, even if they looked the part.

It helps if you know McGee's work and this era of British pop/rock before watching the movie because it assumes that viewers do.

It is still fairly easy to follow if you don't, but those coming to the biopic armed with this knowledge will appreciate it much more.

The script, written by Irvine Welsh and Dean Cavanagh, is hilarious. Bremner gets given some terrific lines to deliver, from witty one-liners to inventive curse words and lengthy, rapid fire monologues.

Bremner is a fun lead who really sells the cheeky chap routine and his energy fits in perfectly with the tone of the movie.

Other standouts included Jason Isaacs as Ralph, a British movie producer in LA who is super posh and camp, and Thomas Turgoose, one of the more sensible executives at Creation.

While Creation Stories rips up the biopic rulebook and delivers something unique and fresh, it's ultimately very lightweight and forgettable.

On Sky Cinema from Saturday 20th March.

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