Richard Iii

Ian McKellen reprises his celebrated stage performance in this reworking of William Shakespeare's classic tale about England's most ruthless monarch, a charismatic malcontent who accedes to the throne through a delicious mix of treachery, seduction and murder. Taking the characters and action out of Elizabethan times, the story is set in an imagined London of the 1930s. Richard speaks his famous lines as Shakespeare wrote them, even as he conquers the throne with media savvy, black-shirted thugs and heavy artillery. Featured among the all-star ensemble are Annette Bening as Queen Elizabeth; Robert Downey, Jr. as her brother, Earl Rivers; Maggic Smith as Richard's mother, the Duchess of York; and Nigel Hawthorne as his tragically manipulated brother, Clarence. Richard ("THE WEDDING GIFT") Loncraine helms the historical saga.



UK Release Date: 
Fri, 04/26/1996
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Running Time: 
105 Mins

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