The 5 cinema releases that you need to watch in October

  • The 5 cinema releases that you need to watch in October

With the evenings closing in and winter confidently heading our way, the cinema boasts some great releases in October, including a couple of hugely-anticipated blockbusters and the expected Halloween horrors.

So here are the film releases that we recommend you see this month...

Blade Runner 2049 - 6th October

Harrison Ford returns to the role of Rick Deckard 32 years after the original Blade Runner, and this time new LAPD blade runner K, played by Ryan Gosling, must track down Deckard after discovering a long-buried secret.

Arrival and Sicario filmmaker Denis Villeneuve is on directing duties, while the likes of Jared Leto, Robin Wright and Dave Bautista join the diverse cast of characters.

With such tremendous hopes pinned on this long-awaited sequel; Ford, Gosling and the rest have a lot of fan expectation on their shoulders, and if it delivers on that hype, it could be one of the biggest films of the year.

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The Snowman - 13th October

Adapted from Norwegian crime writer Jo Nesbø's seventh entry in his Harry Hole detective series, Michael Fassbender plays loose cannon detective Hole, as he attempts to track down a serial killer dubbed 'The Snowman' who kills on the first snow of winter

Rebecca Ferguson plays Hole's brilliant new recruit Katrine Bratt, as J. K. Simmons, Chloë Sevigny and Charlotte Gainsbourg also make appearances, while Swedish director Tomas Alfredson, who directed Let the Right One In and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is behind the camera.

The film was set in motion after the success of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, and if this new Scandinavian thriller is as successful as the Stieg Larsson adaptation, then it is going to be a very exciting, thrilling and lucrative film.

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Jigsaw - 20th October

After the seventh Saw film called it a day on the series, we thought that would be the last we'd see of Jigsaw and his inventive and gory death devices, but seven years later, the whole thing is being rebooted.

With John Kramer, dubbed 'the Jigsaw killer', having been dead for years, copy-cat killings start to occur, but when voice recordings and Kramer's fingerprints show up at crime scenes, the police question whether he did actually die; at the same time, a group of new victims are forced to play a series of gruesome games.

With even the firmest horror fans growing fatigued with the endless, blood-soaked Saw sequels, Austrian twin brothers Peter and Michael Spierig (Predestination) are attempting to breathe life back into the series, with this latest set to be a make-or-break reboot for the franchise.

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Thor: Ragnarok - 27th October

While the Thor films haven't been as well-regarded as his Avengers team-mates, the third film in the series is set to shake up all things Asgardian.

That is in no small part down to Taika Watiti, the brilliantly funny What We Do in the Shadows and Hunt for the Wilderpeople director, who has been brought on to bring his own charming humour to the franchise.

Chris Hemsworth returns as the Norse crown prince, but after the destruction of Asgard by the villainous Hela, he is held captive and forced to fight his old friend the Hulk in a gladiatorial duel - expect action and humour in equal measures in what could be the best Marvel solo movie yet.

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The Lego Ninjago Movie - 13th October

On the heels of the incredibly successful Lego Batman Movie early this year and The Lego Movie in 2014 comes the Ninjago movie based on Lego's ninja-inspired toy line and TV show.

A star-studded cast, including Dave Franco, Justin Theroux, Olivia Munn and Jackie Chan lend their voices to characters as Lloyd (Franco) - a member of a team of six young ninjas - seeks to defeat his father, the evil warlord Lord Garmadon (Theroux).

With Ninjago set to continue Lego's trend of making brilliantly funny, thoroughly entertaining films for all ages, we're set for another blocky thrill ride.

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Also out in October

Geostorm - 20th October

Gerard Butler attempts to save the world from an epic storm created by malfunctioning climate-controlling satellites. [Watch the trailer]

The Glass Castle - 6th October

Based on author Jeannette Walls' memoirs of her childhood spent in a dysfunctional family of nonconformist nomads. [Watch the trailer]

The Ritual - 13th October

A hiking holiday for four friends goes really wrong when they encounter a menacing presence stalking them through the woods. [Watch the trailer]

Happy Death Day - 20th October

Scream meets Groundhog Day, as a teenage girl must relive the same day to figure out who is the masked figure that kills her every time. [Watch the trailer]

The Death Of Stalin - 20th October

Armando Iannucci directs the period comedy-drama detailing the Soviet power struggles in the aftermath of the death of Joseph Stalin. [Watch the trailer]

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